A new model for
as a service

FIVE is for creators who've built an audience on expert advice and get nonstop questions, comments and DMs.

As simple as answering a DM, but now the value goes both ways

FIVE is a conversation platform for expert creators to answer questions, give advice and host discussions around their topics of expertise, and get paid through subscription.

Reply once so it can be consumed thousands of times by all of your members.

Turn questions and comments
into a thriving community

Empower your fans to subscribe to your expertise, advice and in-depth answers. For sensitive topics or the need to have a private 1:1, turn on offerings like Private Chats and Live Video Calls.

Take action to secure your audience. With growing fears of TikTok being banned in the US and constant changes in Platform algorithms, now is the time to start aggregating your audience’s contact info to add safety and security to your business.

Fake news and fact checkers are only causing more confusion on social platforms. Having a safe and private community free from algorithms lets you go deeper and be more authentic, open and honest with your subscribers.

Stop wondering what content your audience wants. With FIVE you’ll have more insight and more new content ideas than you’ll know what to do with. Turn questions and comments into free content for the rest of your audience.

You’ve mastered social media, but what about Google? FIVE brings your answers and expertise out of your DMs and comments and into the larger global discussion. We index and optimize your knowledge for search engines so you can grow your audience off of social media. Answering a question on FIVE is like writing a blog post, without writing a blog post.

Get the same questions in your DM’s and comments over and over again?  Instead of typing a response every time, simply link to the post in your community. FIVE is about creating opportunities to leverage your time. Answer it once, so it can be consumed thousands of times.

Expert creators make the internet a better place by providing information, advice, and expertise to those who need it

We help expert creators build a business on their own terms away from sponsored posts, shifting algorithms, and social platform insecurity.

The experts behind the experts